Master of Arts in International Education


- Gain fluency in the theories and practices of higher education in an international context.
- Develop an articulate and mission-focused approach to education leadership.
- Apply advanced-level and specialized research perspectives to relevant topics and issues in the field of education.
- Acquire cross-cultural skills for implementing learning and institutional strategies aimed to serve a diverse student body.
- Gain the capacity to conduct appropriate curriculum design and practices for implementation in a global campus environment.
- Identify future trends and transitions in international education in order to address evolving student needs.


Common Core ( 6 credits )

Concentration Courses ( 9 credits )

Elective I ( 6 credits )

  • 2 courses from:
    LAIEAE630 Advanced English for International Educators
    LAIESJ620 Social Justice in International Contexts
    LAIEIL640 Teaching Methodologies for Italian Language Instruction

Elective II ( 6 credits )

  • 2 courses from:
    BUMAHR630 International Human Resource Management
    DIDMDC610 Digital Communication Strategies
    HPHTCL650 Customer Loyalty and Engagement

Capstone Project ( 3 credits )

Total credits: 30