International School of Business


Coursework at the International School of Business (ISB) are subdivided into the following departments:

Accounting and Finance (AF)

Arts, Entertainment, and Media (AM)

Decision Sciences (DS)
Economics (EC)

Entrepreneurship Resources (ER)

Management (MA)

Marketing (MK)

Real Estate (RE)


  • To offer academic programs to develop students’ entrepreneurial capacities by challenging their mindsets, attitudes, belief systems, self-efficacy, emotions, and personal values as much as their technical knowledge and skills.

  • To develop entrepreneurial teaching and learning practices to build skills that can be applied in the real world.

  • To use interdisciplinary approaches to bring diverse forms of knowledge and perspectives to the learning process.

  • To engage external stakeholders in the design and delivery of entrepreneurial activities


  • To promote the knowledge of global economic and strategic challenges by means of a multicultural educational based on international and local models while grounded in the reality of a fast-paced world.

  • To develop the ability to understand organizational choices and to improve corporate performance.

  • To stimulate capacities to implement change through effective leadership and communication insight. To promote sustainability and support responsible business practices through critical thinking, technology, and innovation.

  • To offer connections between strictly economic subjects and modes of thought drawn from diverse disciplines such as sociology, history, and philosophy.

  • To promote autonomy, creativity, responsibility, empathy, ability to reflect and solve problems, and teamwork.


ISB is committed to:

  • The quest for innovation and excellence in teaching and learning in order to develop and apply new forms of valuable knowledge.

  • Guaranteeing a unique student experience where everyone is equal, supported, and encouraged to fulfill their potential.

  • Inspiring and leading the local and global community’s cultural, intellectual, economic, and social life.