FAST School of Fashion and Accessory Studies and Technology


The School of Fashion and Accessory Studies and Technology (FAST) offers studies in fashion and accessories through the following departments:

Accessory Design and Technology (AD)
Fashion Design and Technology (FD)
Fashion Communication and Publishing (FC)
Fashion Merchandising (FM)


  • FAST sustains the local Florentine traditions of straw, leather and knit production and promotes an economy of sustainability using local materials and resources.

  • FAST is an integration project within local culture and is supported by local, green-mapped small businesses which interact and share their expertise, culture, and craftsmanship with our international students.

  • The vision of FAST does not seek to evoke nor to cling to a glorious past, but unites old modes and practices with technology for the following purpose: to preserve traditions and trade techniques while constructing a contemporary, forward-looking future for the present and coming generations who will continue to create in Florence.


  • To bridge the widening gap between design and manual skills in fashion and accessories.

  • To integrate the current cultural trends in Florence within FAST studies.

  • To offer students a hands-on experience that allows them to acquire a real knowledge of the materials, teaches them how to create fashion, and explores the concept of beauty based on local resources.

  • To provide a laboratory experience that allows the fresh perspectives students and the seasoned expertise of instructors from the artisanal, professional and academic fields to combine efforts resulting in exciting proposals in the areas of fashion and accessories.

  • To explore and implement environmentally intelligent practices by preserving the local microcosm and traditional techniques and by fostering the search for alternative approaches to production processes that generate less environmental waste and damage.


  • Cultural and technical support from local green-mapped small businesses, which support our international students by sharing their expertise and cultural heritage.

  • An international teaching staff whose backgrounds include professional and academic experiences in the fashion industry and currently practicing artisans.

  • Cutting edge and equipped lab facilities in the completely renovated space at Palazzo della Giostra where students will create hands on assignments, the FLY retail store operated by FAST students and faculty, and a Renaissance Ballroom for fashion projects at Palazzo Bombicci Pontelli Guicciardini Strozzi.

  • A challenging and varied academic curriculum composed of lectures, workshops, and laboratories.

  • Structured programs for students who aim towards professional development and future careers in the industry.Opportunities for exposure and integration in the local community through fashion projects, shows, and events.