SAS: School of Arts and Sciences


The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) is subdivided into 7 schools, including professional studies for community and civic engagement, and their respective departments:

School of Fine Arts (FA)
School of Global Studies (GS)
School of Horticulture (HC)
School of Liberal Arts (LA)
School of Life Studies and Human Services (LS)
School of Professional Studies (PS)
School of Sciences and Mathematics (SM)


  • SAS offers distinctive approaches to intellectual enquiry posed by each of its schools and their departmental subdivisions.

  • SAS turns its attention to the currents of a world whose natural environment and population is in profound change.SAS educates the next generation of global citizens, advocates, and leaders.

  • SAS looks forward, taking into account the historical strengths of its location and both the contemporary and future development of Italy.

  • SAS implements innovation in research, interpretation, expression, and artistic creation.


  • To educate through a sense of discovery and intellectual growth in the sciences, arts and humanities.

  • To provide the foundations of knowledge, culture, creativity, intellectual curiosity in order to prepare students for significant interaction with the environment, society and community.

  • To promote academic opportunities for service learning and civic engagement through initiatives, presentations, events and performances open to the public and aimed at contributing to the local culture.

  • To foster a sustainable society by teaching diversity and intercultural strategies through a multicultural education.

  • To expand students skills of research and communication in the visual, performed and written form.

  • To share studentsí artistic, humanistic and scientific experiences both locally and globally, academically and professionally.


  • Advanced learning tools and facilities that simultaneously preserve a historically important architectural context.An international faculty from diverse professional and academic backgrounds.

  • An immediate connection to civic and cultural engagement offered by the School of Professional Studies.

  • Community engagement fostered by the Artist in Residence Program and active student involvement in art exhibitions.

  • Well-resourced technical and material support in specific areas of study such as fine arts and music studies.