Programs of Study


FUA-AUF offers undergraduate, graduate, and special and enrichment programs. Program applications are welcome from all over the world, regardless of citizenship. We believe that the blending of many cultures creates a more diverse and rich student body, which will contribute to the overall experience of the FUA-AUF academic community as well as the local community in Florence. Each application we receive is individually reviewed before a decision is made. Proper academic planning allows students to complete their chosen course or program successfully and efficiently. The institution offers academic advising to accepted students. Each academic program has clearly defined student outcomes that describe the knowledge, skills, and capabilities that students acquire.


Studying abroad at FUA-AUF offers flexible options throughout the year. The following sessions are held at our campuses in Florence:

15 and 11-week fall and spring semesters
12-week summer semester

Intensive/Quarter Programs
3-week sessions in the fall, spring, and summer. Any three consecutive 3-week sessions may be combined into a quarter session.
The summer season also features 1-week sessions, 4-week sessions, and 6-week sessions.

In addition to regular academic courses, study abroad students have the option of adding non-credit and for-credit internship and experiential learning courses to their schedules.

A complete list of courses and schedules offered in all academic sessions can be viewed at the academic schedule online.
Academic calendars with study abroad dates can be consulted at the academic calendar online.
Course selections may be subject to change depending on enrollment and availability.
The approval of credit loads must be pre-approved in any given academic session. Students who wish to earn credits in addition to the regular load per session must receive prior approval.

FUA-AUF courses may be transferred to other higher institutions through credit granted by FUA-AUF 's School of Record. Please inquire for more details.


International Education
: Graduate courses in international education are offered by FUA-AUF and award a graduate-level transcript through FUA-AUF’s School of Record. Courses can be taken as a full semester credit load to obtain the FUA-AUF Certificate in International Education.

Graduate Coursework: Courses from FUA-AUF's School of Graduate Studies also represent the area of Food and Wine Studies.

Graduate-level placements internships and experiential learning are also available.

Degree Programs

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to transfer FUA-AUF coursework to degree programs worldwide.
For certificate, AA, BA, and MA curricula, please see the Programs A-Z section of the AUF academic catalog.


Undergraduate and graduate-level programs for groups and cohorts are regularly organized by FUA-AUF's Special Programs Department. Programs may be faculty-led and scheduled throughout the calendar year. Please write to for further details.