Student Life and Development

By undertaking a program of study at FUA-AUF, each student subscribes to and fully accepts the standards of personal conduct and group living in Florence. Upon arrival in Florence, students must accept AUF’s general terms and conditions prior to accessing the student and faculty online portal.

Policies and practices governing students and student life are found in the Student Manual distributed during orientation at the beginning of each term and available on the SLD website.

The Student Manual provides information on student life resources, assistance, and activities at FUA-AUF and their applicable policies and procedures. The manual includes useful emergency contacts that students should become familiar with. The manual also contains all academic rules and regulations that apply to the enrolled students. It is within the student's responsibilities to be aware of all applicable academic policies.

The study experience at FUA-AUF is supported by dedicated offices and departments whose mission is to provide responses, suggest opportunities for personal and interpersonal enrichment, and resolve any issues students may encounter in Florence:

- Academic Affairs Office for issues related to each student study experience. The staff provides advising to students to assure successful completion of all courses.
- Student Life Department and Development Department for counseling, advising, health care referrals, emergencies, and extracurricular activities.
- Housing Office for issues related to housing secured through the institution.

Please note that all enrollment-related items are handled by the FUA-AUF Admissions Office.


Students may reach out to the SLD department for:

- General health and medical services, medical referrals, and emergency assistance.
- Housing assistance and emergencies.
- Extracurricular activities, see following pages for descriptions.
- Counseling and information on life in Florence
- Writing support service
- Career Center

Extracurricular Activities

Orientation activities: Offered during orientation to help students transition to life in Florence through opportunities such as the Bare Necessities shopping tours and Living in Florence seminars.

Connecting Cultures: Designed to increase cultural awareness for participating students. Activities include:
- Guided workshops
- Community Outreach volunteer opportunities
- Chat Pal language exchange activity in collaboration with native Italian speakers
- Italian Family Club that allows students to be “adopted” by an Italian family for cultural exchange
- City Walks excursions designed to broaden student appreciation of Florentine neighborhoods

Sports Night & the Palestra: Weekly sporting activities get students involved in athletic activities such as soccer while a mini-gym is available for student use from Monday to Friday.

Musing Club: Weekly music events, visits, and performances for music lovers.

Blending: Student involvement in AUF’s licensed products of journalism including a monthly newsletter and semesterly magazine.

EFL: Educational Field Learning department offering one-day and weekend experiences throughout the academic terms.

Extracurricular events and activities offered by Palazzi CEMI: Students may also participate in events organized by AUF CEMI and open to the general public.

Housing in Florence

The Housing Office is pleased to assist with the housing arrangement process for students. FUA-AUF does not own or lease apartments but works as a facilitator to assist students in finding accommodation during their stay in Florence. The Housing Office's objective is to facilitate the students' lodging experience in Florence. Students choosing to secure housing independently must notify the admissions office. Housing options that we arrange for incoming students are:

Apartment Housing
Italian Family Homestay

Please inquire for detailed information on housing.

Meal Plan and Wellness Units

Ganzo and Fedora, the Apicius CEMI, offer meal plans that feature:
5-unit meal plan per week of residency for an AUF academic session.
Units may be used at Ganzo and Fedora during their operating hours.
Between lunch and dinner, Ganzo offers afternoon snacks and light meals for students who have classes scheduled during regular lunch hours.
Meal plans are included with apartment housing obtained through FUA-AUF. Additional meal units and meal plans for the general public can be purchased in Florence.
Units may also be used at Sorgiva, the Apicius spa CEMI.