Sports Sciences

SHSSAY190 The Art of Yoga and Meditation

3 semester credits. This course provides students with an introduction to the art of yoga and meditation to gain an understanding of the philosophical and spiritual contexts that the discipline is rooted in. The course investigation begins with the notion of awareness, and the acquisition of the term through an overview of the principal asanas and their correct practice. The spiritual aspects of yoga are experienced in the form of various meditation techniques from different philosophies as well as the study of pranayama breathing exercises. Topics also include an examination of yoga props as well as dietary and nutritional guidelines, studied through the lens of yoga philosophy gleaned from sacred texts. The course will cover yoga traditions from ancient times to more contemporary interpretations.

SHSSFW380 Health, Fitness, and Wellness in Italy

3 semester credits. Wellness is the search for enhanced quality of life, personal and potential growth, through the choice of positive lifestyle behaviors and attitudes. Health can be improved on a daily basis by taking responsibility for our own well being.
This course will teach students how our state of wellness is deeply influenced by a variety of factors including nutrition, physical activity, stress-coping methods, good relationships, and career success. Emphasis will be placed on the benefits of a constant and planned physical activity and on the understanding how each of these benefits is important to long-term health.
The course provides students with the basic knowledge of primary (cardiorespiratory ability, muscular ability, flexibility, and body composition) and secondary (balance, coordination, agility, reaction time, speed, power, mental capability) components of fitness as well as the basics of anatomy. The course will teach students how to combine a targeted nutrition and physical activity for the pursue of good health as well as develop physical skills that also enhance the psychological and emotional wellbeing. Emphasis will be placed on the differences between health-related fitness and skill-related fitness. 
The course includes physical activity sessions focused on general physical wellness.

SHSSHN150 Health and Fitness in the Mediterranean

3 semester credits. Studies have shown that following the Mediterranean diet has many health benefits, especially when combined with exercise. This course includes lectures on various forms of physical and lifestyle activities and an overview of their respective health benefits. Lectures will also include visits to athletic centers within the local community and the nutritional aspects of the Mediterranean diet, and particularly the Italian culinary tradition. Food and wine tastings, and physical activity are integral components of the course and will result in the creation of a customized exercise and nutritional program by the student. This course also features a field learning component in relevant Italian locations to supplement and enrich academic topics.

SHSSLN160 Lifetime Nutrition, Wellness, and Physical Activity

3 semester credits. This course offers a comprehensive approach to wellness, nutrition, and fitness from a lifetime perspective. Course topics will examine how healthy lifestyles span across the continuum of lifespans and ages with a focus on how dietary and fitness needs evolve throughout the four main life-stages: childhood, youth, adulthood, and for the elderly. Theoretical core concepts of how dietary and fitness needs are correlated to mental health and adapt according to each life-stage will be addressed along with a comparative focus on the Italian and Mediterranean approach. In addition to in-class lectures, the course features hands-on field experiences in nutrition labs for healthy diets and physical activities held in local Italian fitness facilities. Students will implement course topics and to cultivate student motivation for incorporating them into their own daily lives.

SHSSMI310 Medical Issues in Sports

3 semester credits. Through this course, students will learn the general management of medical conditions in athletes or those engaged in recreational sports. An important focus is the interaction of exercise with medical conditions such as heart disease, asthma, allergies, and diabetes. Other topics include pain management (including alternative remedies such as acupuncture), immunology, rheumatology, special issues affecting women athletes, hematology, and pharmacology and drugs in sport.

SHSSSM285 Sports Marketing

3 semester credits. This course provides an understanding of the role of marketing within sports - both amateur and professional - and is designed to address current industry practices. Essential components of effective sports marketing will include application of the marketing principles in the area of sports (sports products and services) licensing issues, sponsorships and endorsements and their implementation, stadium and arena marketing, promotional activities, consumer and public relations, and broadcasting and the media.

SHSSTW420 Personal Training and Wellness

3 semester credits. Fitness professionals spend a great deal of time inspiring and assisting others in their pursuit of improved health. The course grounds students in the fundamentals of personal training by exposing them to both the theory and practice of this dynamic field. 
Students will learn the primary function of muscles and joints and the mechanics of movements through an analysis of human physiology applied to motion, elements of bioenergetics, principles of training.
The course offers an overview of training for cardio–respiratory fitness, muscular strength and endurance, and flexibility. Students will learn the use and purpose of specific commercial fitness machines and equipment utilizing appropriate exercise guidelines and spotting techniques. Topics covered include guidelines to plan targeted exercises in order to work on specific projects and aims.
 Students will also understand the importance of good communication and motivation skills in order to coach individuals and establish a positive trust-based relationship, as well as how to design and implement a customized exercise program based on the individual needs. 
The course will also emphasize the importance of cooperations with specialized professionals and will include physical activity sessions with a dedicated focus.

 Prerequisites: Introductory course on health, wellness, or sports, or equivalent.

SHSSWS630 Integrated Wellness Strategies: Mind-Body Awareness

3 semester credits. What happens when the mind and the body disengage with each other? While the brain is at the center of the nervous system, it must act in unison with the body; a disconnect between the two can impact both physical and mental health. This course is dedicated to the exploration of mind-body interdependence and its relationship to wellness practices from a holistic perspective. Students will focus on both physical as well as cognitive activities to assess the mind-body interconnection. The role of positive psychology and mindfulness, and the positive and negative effects of stress will be explored through experiential and fitness activities to develop a greater understanding of how body awareness can influence wellbeing.

SHSSYT300 Yoga Therapy: Philosophy and Practice

3 semester credits. This course is aimed to offer students already possessing a solid foundation of yoga knowledge and practice the tools to use the therapeutic functions of Hatha yoga in overcoming physical, mental, and emotional distress. Students will become familiar with health, wellness, and stress management topics through yoga practice in a therapeutic context. Through the hands-on approach to asanas, pranayama breathing exercises, and meditation techniques, students understand how to integrate yoga as a complementary treatment to medicine and a vital role in maintaining a healthy body and mind. The constant practice of awareness and observation combined with an analysis of anatomy and physiology applied to common pains and distresses will development the application of yoga therapy in individual and group contexts throughout the duration of the course.