Portfolio Development

PSPDGC690 Graduate Studies Capstone

3 semester credits. Through the graduate studies capstone, students integrate topics from their overall course of study in a final synthesis project. Cumulative knowledge, main theories of the discipline, and experientially acquired skills are applied from a critical perspective and have the aim of verifying the achievement of curriculum learning objectives. As the culminating phase of the graduate-level program, the capstone project requires the research, elaboration, and analytic/forecasting competencies of a topic, developed by the candidate under the guidance of the faculty member. The resulting capstone is intended to demonstrate mastery of the programís curricular scope: a highly-articulated individual proposal of an approved topic, and the proposalís intended impact on the field of study. Prerequisites: Successful completion of an undergraduate degree is required for this course.

PSPDIP180 Introduction to Portfolio

3 semester credits. This course introduces students to the basics of how to assemble personal portfolios that exhibit strength of imagination and prove professional skills and competence. Whether the focus is fashion and accessories design, graphic design, interior design, digital photography, or fine arts, a finely tailored portfolio is an essential element for applications and interviews. A successful portfolio documents the creative process and displays an individual's talents and qualifications. Its purpose is to feature an evolving, experimental process that adequately expresses the trajectory and growth of ideas. Coursework will include the exploration of visual strategies, formats, styles, and multimedia to best promote the student's self-image. By demonstrating mastery of techniques and overall creativity, portfolios are an important opportunity that can support applications to new academic opportunities, including internships and scholarships, as well as first employment.

PSPDPO380 Portfolio Development

3 semester credits. The focus of this course is to develop the skills for creating an individual portfolio that summarizes a coherent, articulate, and visually comprehensive body of work. Students will utilize digital media approaches to fully showcase areas of specialization as represented by the project(s) to be featured in the portfolio. A rigorous level of professional design criticism will be applied to portfolio content development, organization, assembly, and presentation across varied media channels. Advanced forms of rendering and thematic exploration will be covered, as well strategies for integrating conceptual and experimental approaches and relevant historic and contemporary influences inherent to the featured work. Coursework will require the analysis and maturation of both personal identity and an in-depth understanding of the related fields and industry contexts associated with the portfolio content including market demands, professional expectations, standards of quality and competency, and overall creativity. Prerequisites: Open to Visual, Fine Arts, and Fashion Majors of Junior or Senior standing.