FASCAS490 Advanced Sculpture

3 semester credits. This is the advanced-level continuation of the sculpture sequence with a greater emphasis on developing the student's unique and individual direction. Advanced projects in mold making, carving with wood, tufa stone, and non-traditional sculpture materials are assigned. Students will also work on the development of a work or a body of works for the end of the year exhibition project (this does not apply to summer sessions). Course content varies from term to term. Prerequisites: Intermediate Sculpture or equivalent.

FASCFS310 Foundation Sculpture

3 semester credits. Through the study of sculpture in abstract or realistic modes, this course presents current and traditional sculptural media such as wax, plaster, and clay. Covered topics feature a strong emphasis on the development of basic technical skills for the creation of bas-reliefs, high reliefs, and more complex three-dimensional forms. Basic casting techniques will also be introduced. By learning technical skills, the nature of different materials and their proper and more experimental use, students will learn how to channel their specific artistic identity and individual sensibility, and expand the possibilities of expressing their own creativity through the arts.

FASCIS400 Intermediate Sculpture

3 semester credits. This course is for students who seeking to investigate the sculptural materials, processes, and methods through projects involving with modeling, casting and assembling. Traditional and contemporary concerns of sculpture will be examined through projects, demonstrations, and by analyzing contemporary and ancient sculptures. Prerequisites: Foundation Sculpture or equivalent.