FACECE200 Ceramics (Beginner)

3 semester credits. In this course, students will work on pottery and/or ceramic sculpture projects. During the first portion of the course, emphasis will be on different clay hand-building techniques. The second portion, students will progress to a variety of surface decoration techniques and different methods of firing and coloring. Lecture content will provide students essential information about the nature of clay and glazes and the history of Mediterranean ceramics. Students will be introduced to local Tuscan artisan traditions and the work of contemporary ceramic artists during field learning activities.

FACECE300 Ceramics (Advanced)

3 semester credits. The advanced level of ceramics is conducted in workshop format and focuses on the creation of an individual project or series of projects. Students will be guided towards adopting an experimental and challenging approach to ceramics by using different traditional and non-traditional hand-building techniques and materials. Prerequisites: Ceramics (Intermediate) and one semester of Art History.

FACECE400 Ceramics: Advanced Special Project

3 semester credits. In this advanced ceramics course, students will have access to an external facility in which they develop their proposed project on a wider scale. The project will require students to organize their schedules according to the availability of the facility and set the time necessary to complete the project according to specific deadlines. The course and final project require advanced skills and a strong work ethic, commitment, and dedication on the students' part to successfully complete the project. Prerequisites: Ceramics (Advanced) and one semester of Art History.

FACECI260 Ceramics (Intermediate)

3 semester credits. This course is designed for students who wish to continue ceramics studies and advance their skills in various hand-building and sculpture techniques. Emphasis will be on design, critical evaluation of forms, and advancement of technical skills. The course will help students expand their technical understanding of clay and clay bodies, decoration techniques, glazing and firing, and it will also provide an introduction to plaster work and mold making. Students will be encouraged to explore their concepts and develop confidence in critical thinking, design, and artistic skills. Additional studio time will be individually arranged. Minimum studio time each week should be eight hours. Prerequisites: Ceramics (Beginner) and one semester of Art History.