AA Food, Wine, and Wellness Studies - Wellness, Health, and Nutrition

Program Description

AUF’s Associate of Arts Degree in Food, Wine, and Wellness Studies offers motivated students the possibility to join the food and wine industry through a program that emphasizes wellness and nutrition studies. Four program concentrations are available:
- Culinary Arts – Chef de Partie (WACS)
- Baking & Pastry – Chef de Partie
- Wine Studies and Enology - Junior Sommelier (WACS)
- Wellness, Health, and Nutrition

Program Objectives

The Food, Wine, and Wellness Studies program is designed to provide students with a complete educational experience in the field of gastronomy and wellness.
- Students will gain a solid knowledge of food, wine, and wellness topics from international and Italian perspectives.
- Coursework will broaden students’ knowledge of Italian gastronomy and nutrition, offering a rigorous focus on techniques, direct experience, and understanding of the Mediterranean identity of the curriculum.

General Education Requirements

All AA candidates are required to complete 21 gen ed credits in the areas of English Composition, Humanities, Mathematics, Physical and Biological Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Diversity and Intercultural Studies, and Italian language. Requirements vary according to the program. Some requirements are embedded in multiple courses, and certain programs may require additional credits to complete the associate-level program of study, as defined in the individual program curriculum.
Program Outcomes

The specialization in Wellness, Health, and Nutrition focuses on developing:
- Nutrition and wellness, balancing diets/lifestyles for athletes and non-athletes
- Planning nutritional menus and physical activity programs for diverse demographics
- Comparative analysis of dietary regimens
- Scientific methods for nutritional calculation in professional menus
- Personal training programs

Career Opportunities

Wellness, Health, and Nutrition: Support assistant/specialist for nutritionists, personal trainers, rehabilitation and massage therapists, yoga instructors; multidisciplinary manager or coordinator in fitness and wellness centers; wellness consultant for the hospitality industry.


Additional General Education Requirements ( 3 credits )

Italian Language
  • 1 course from:
    Italian Studies and Linguistics - Italian Language

FIRST YEAR ( 37 credits )

SECOND YEAR ( 36 credits )

Total credits: 76