AA Hospitality Management Food and Beverage Service Supervisor - Wellness Management

Program Description

AUF’s Associate of Arts Degree in Hospitality Management Food and Beverage Service Supervisor is comprised of a combination of courses that focus on the four available program concentrations:
- Hospitality Management - Reception Professional (WACS)
- Special Event Management
- Spa Management
- Real Estate and Facilities Management

Program Objectives

This program provides students with the skills, knowledge and experience needed to manage ventures and careers in the global hospitality industry and related service sectors.
- Coursework will allow students to gain competitive management skills related to hospitality, special events, real estate and facilities management, and spa management.
- Students will benefit from Experiential Learning methods at the creative learning labs associated with the program, where they are immersed in real enterprises and responsibilities within the local community.
- Students will gain the tools and direction to develop a competitive understanding of the hospitality industry, marketing and management of local and global hospitality businesses, food and wine sectors in hospitality, and social and cultural aspects of the Italian hospitality industry.

The first year of the program is recognized by WACS for the Food and Beverage Service Supervisor qualification level.

General Education Requirements

All AA candidates are required to complete 21 gen ed credits in the areas of English Composition, Humanities, Mathematics, Physical and Biological Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Diversity and Intercultural Studies, and Italian language. Requirements vary according to the program. Some requirements are embedded in multiple courses, and certain programs may require additional credits to complete the associate-level program of study, as defined in the individual program curriculum.
Program Outcomes

The specialization in Spa Management focuses on:
- Gaining an overview of the wellness tourism sector
- Becoming familiar with spa management operations including finance, human resources, marketing, products, treatments, equipment, and spa business development

Career Opportunities

Spa Management: Management positions in all wellness tourism industry segments including spa management, spa operations, spa therapy, and wellness consulting.


Additional General Education Requirements ( 4 credits )

italian Language
  • 1 course from:
    Italian Studies and Linguistics - Italian Language
Physical and Biological Sciences

FIRST YEAR ( 37 credits )

SECOND YEAR ( 36 credits )

Total credits: 77