AA Communication and Interactive Digital Media - Photography

Program Description

AUF’s Associate of Arts Degree in Communication and Interactive Digital Media is comprised of a combination of courses that focus on the four available program concentrations:
- Photography
- Visual Communication
- Publishing
- Product Design

Program Objectives

The objective of the program is to provide students with a foundational knowledge of visual communication and digital media and to prepare them for further specialization areas related to the program.
- Students will become familiar with leading contemporary photographers, video and filmmakers, and computer graphic and product designers in Italy and abroad.
- Students will deepen their knowledge of visual communication and photography, computer graphics, 3D computer design rendering and printing techniques, and magazine editorial projects.

General Education Requirements

All AA candidates are required to complete 21 gen ed credits in the areas of English Composition, Humanities, Mathematics, Physical and Biological Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Diversity and Intercultural Studies, and Italian language. Requirements vary according to the program. Some requirements are embedded in multiple courses, and certain programs may require additional credits to complete the associate-level program of study, as defined in the individual program curriculum.
Program Outcomes

The specialization in Photography focuses on developing:
- Critically informed photographic approach, visual grammar of photography and intent
- Analysis and technical mastery of photographic imagery
- Familiarity with studio and non-studio environments

Career Opportunities

Photography: photographer, photo editor, curator, digital strategist.


Additional General Education Requirements ( 9 credits )

Physical and Biological Sciences
Social and Behavioral Sciences

FIRST YEAR ( 37 credits )

SECOND YEAR ( 36 credits )

Total credits: 85