Decision Sciences

BUDSDS300 Topics in Decision Science

3 semester credits. The course is designed for non-accounting or finance majors. It addresses both the traditional and the modern analytical processes and theories of business decision-making. Topics include problems inherent to the decision-making process, negotiation as a useful means, and multi-criteria decision analysis. The focus of the course will be on decision support systems such as computer-based solution tools, effective spreadsheet design and use, databases, and expert systems. Decision-making theories address alternatives, criteria, loss functions, and risks.

BUDSSB250 Statistics for Business

3 semester credits. The course introduces students to basic statistical concepts used in business research, analysis, and decision-making. Topics include descriptive statistics, probability, probability distribution, and estimation. The course also covers an introduction to statistical data analysis computer software.

BUDSSM310 Simulation Models in Decision-Making

3 semester credits. The course is an introduction to simulation models for business decision-making purposes. Emphasis will be on building and analyzing models for a variety of applications, including manufacturing and service systems. Coursework involves both theory-based lectures and discussions as well as practical application through computer-based exercises. Prerequisites: Topics in Decision Science or equivalent.

BUDSSN400 Strategic Negotiation

3 semester credits. This course explores the major concepts and theories of the psychology of bargaining and negotiation, and the dynamics of interpersonal and inter-group conflict and its resolution. Students will familiarize with negotiation strategies and planning, as well as with ethics in negotiation. This course will also focus on international and cross-cultural negotiation strategies.