Arts, Entertainment, and Media

BUAMEM230 Entertainment and Media Management

3 semester credits. The industry of media and entertainment is growing at an extremely fast and exciting rate. This rapidly growing sector offers interesting and up-to-date resources for several studies and insights in order to analyze the best approaches for those intending to invest in the sector and make a successful business out of it. Corporate strategies in the industry will be studied including marketing and brand building as key business topics. Students will analyze and understand the industry dynamics within the entertainment world. The various media channels will be studied, from the more traditional (Radio, Print, Television) to the internet with emphasis on how digital communication has revolutionized the media sectors. Techniques and strategies used in the production, distribution, and monetization of media will help students understand the dynamics of the entertainment and media world from a business point of view. Recent trends in the sector and the evolution that has taken place as a result, will complete the course.

BUAMMA210 Introduction to Arts Management

3 semester credits. This course examines the managerial role in the arts and the related competency required to bring artistic and cultural programs such as exhibitions, festivals, film screenings, and performing arts events to audiences. Course topics cover the business side of the arts, providing students with an overview of the careers in arts management and the current issues and trends affecting professionals in the field. Topics covered include the evolution of the field, the internal culture and structure, external influences, governance, planning, human resources, marketing, fundraising, financial management, economic impact, and other topics such as non-profit organizations in the arts. Students will be introduced to a wide range of organizations, administrative figures, and institutional models through coursework that also includes site visits and guest lectures.

BUAMMG350 Arts and Museum Management

3 semester credits. Through this course, students will come to see museums and galleries not as mere repositories for objects but as dynamic spaces that favor a deeper understanding of the past. After a brief introduction to the social, cultural, and political history of museums, this course will offer an overview of the contemporary theory and practice of museum operations. It will also emphasize the interdisciplinary study of exhibition spaces, and the challenge that museum and gallery managers face in the age of digitalization. Topics covered will include the organizational structure and roles of museum departments, operational issues, budget, leadership and strategic planning, legal and ethical issues, studies on museum audiences, and professional development. Visits to museums, galleries, and cultural non-profit organizations in Florence will provide students with a direct experience of museum management and professional practices. A selection of international museums will be included in the overview to emphasize the differences and similarities with the Italian approach. Prerequisites: Introduction to Management or equivalent.