Digital Media

DIDMDC610 Digital Communication Strategies

3 semester credits. This course explores the varied aspects of digital communication through an approach that considers both theory and practice for building effective communication strategies. Students will examine advanced topics related to web and social media communication, the role of research in digital strategies, development and implementation of communication planning, and the evolving positioning of digital communication within organizations. Communication design will be a key focus of the course through the analysis of relevant case studies and the evaluation of applicability of communication strategy through course projects. Important areas of investigation will address creative content creation, communication building based on organizational identity and branding, user trends and interaction, data and performance analysis, concept diversification for multi-platform communication operations, integrated marketing practices, and management and oversight of digital strategy. Prerequisites: Successful completion of an undergraduate degree is required for this course.

DIDMRM260 Introduction to Rich Media: Podcast Production

3 semester credits. Today's visual delivery systems are becoming more streamlined thanks to digital technology, and in a demanding market of broadcasting immediacy journalists and media editors produce on the job and on-location. Through this course, students will be given a range of assignments that will recreate the portable rich media approaches available today. Students will learn how to work with rich media content pertaining to the news, short documentaries, and editorial pieces by utilizing rich media technology in output formats such as podcasts. The course will cover the basics of industry-specific software to incorporate video, still images, and sound to prepare media for the web in podcast form. Students will work with DSLR camers for the video component of content creation. This class includes experiential learning with CEMI.

DIDMRM360 Advanced Rich Media: Podcast Production

3 semester credits. Through this course, students continue to acquire skills in rich media production and editing related to video, images, and sound from a more advanced perspective. Course projects are tailored to allow students to complete a diverse portfolio of individually developed and collaborative rich media stories based on the local community. Through the guidance of the instructor and by learning media management strategies, students collect, assemble, edit, and publish rich media content as independent editors according to newsroom and client deadlines. This class includes experiential learning with CEMI. Prerequisites: Introduction to Rich Media: Podcast Production, or equivalent.