Happiness Sciences

GSHSAY380 Lifetime Yoga and Ayurvedic Medicine

3 semester credits. This course is designed for students with a foundation in yoga practice and philosophy, anatomy and applications for health. "Everyone can do yoga" is an essential departure point for this course as students expand upon, apply, and adapt previous knowledge as they learn the essential elements of a wholesome, balanced and safe lifetime yoga practice. Through a hands-on approaches and lecture, students will learn best practices for pre and post natal yoga, kids yoga, over 60's yoga, as well as yoga for diversely abled persons. In addition, students will learn principles of ayurveda, the sophisticated ancient Indian mind-body health system, to enhance the lifetime benefits of yoga. Ayurvedic concepts will be explored in the light of achieving the maximum benefits from yoga practice and in relation to modern medicine. Upon completion of this course, students will have further cultivated their practice of yoga and awareness, and will have gained the tools to adapt yoga practice throughout the stages of life. Prerequisite: Two previous yoga courses (including one intermediate-level course, or equivalent.

GSHSEA290 Energy Art - Qi Gong and Tai Chi

3 semester credits. This course will introduce students to the ancient Chinese practices of Qi Gong and Tai Chi. Students will explore and develop meditative practices which can help improve health and wellbeing through movements which work with the bodyís chi (qi), or vital energy. Qi Gong is an adaptive healing-based practice with its roots in Chinese medicine, from which Tai Chi grew as a meditative martial arts form. Students will learn about the historical origins, Chinese medicine principals, and underpinning philosophical values of both practices. They will also learn the techniques to develop a personal practice comprised of physical movements, breath techniques, posture, stretching, Tai Chi forms, and meditation to cultivate health and balance in the body.

GSHSHW210 The Science of Happiness: Skills and Wellbeing

3 semester credits. This course focuses on individual skills to succeed in social and personal life. It provides an introduction to the science of happiness, integrating findings from positive psychology, behavioural genetics, neuroscience, and behavioural economics. The course offers a set of tools and techniques to transform problems into learning opportunities and to develop and apply strategies and skills that promote overall progress in a person's psychological, physical, and social well-being.

GSHSMP270 Developing Mind Potential: Mindfulness Practices

3 semester credits. Work life requires a high degree of mental clarity and focus. Without effective tools to deal with pressure, the result is often emotional, mental, and physiological imbalance at work as well as at home. However, it is possible to live up to daily challenges with clarity, kindness, and happiness. This course presents approaches to acquiring these skills. Mindfulness training is an active observation and training of the neural networks of our brain. The course aims to offer students the opportunity to achieve previously inconceivable levels of concentration in order to unlock the power of a focused mind.

GSHSPT180 Pilates: From Therapeutic to Mainstream Fitness

3 semester credits. In the 1900ís, fitness pioneer Joseph Pilates designed and refined a series of exercises to rehabilitate himself from poor health and physical conditions from which he suffered in the early part of his life. Students will explore the health benefits and the physical practice of Pilates, a form of low-impact, whole-body exercise adaptable to all fitness levels. Students will learn about alignment, breathing, strengthening, balance, flexibility, and awareness as they progress through Pilates exercises and learn how to intelligently move their body. Students will also identify and evaluate the characteristics of exercises which are optimal for modern lifestyles, long-term health and wellness, individual needs, as well as rehabilitation and injury prevention. Basic anatomy and physiology as related to Pilates as well as healthy diet principals will also be covered.

GSHSTT240 Teamwork and Teambuilding

3 semester credits. This course focuses on individual skills and group competences needed in any successful working environment. It provides the tools and techniques that allow the creation of positive working relationships, encourage effective and helpful patterns of communication, and improve the well-being of both individuals and teams.