Food Communications and Publishing

CPFCFS340 Food Styling

3 semester credits. The course will help students to understand food presentation on an aesthetic and technical level. Topics feature the basics of food presentation for professional and media use, and how to select the right objects/props/tableware/accessories to make an appealing food presentation. Students will work in a fully equipped facility with occasional opportunities of collaboration with the culinary arts and photography departments for an interdisciplinary application of the course discipline.

CPFCFW380 Food Writing

3 semester credits. In this course, students will write a variety of pieces tailored to diverse publication standards such as professional food and beverage publications and general interest magazines. They will develop research skills with an emphasis on examining trends in the foodservice and hospitality industry, as well as analyzing publications for reader profile, voice, content, structure, and style. Students will create a portfolio of works, including feature and news articles, personality profiles, book and restaurant reviews, recipes, and food narratives. The topic of food writing in community platforms such as blogs and social media will also be addressed. Prerequisites: At least one college writing course or equivalent.